Feta: the cheese of the Gods

Most of us know when you go to university cooking is on a budget and you probably prefer tinned food over fresh ingredients.

I am not one of those people, a three course meal in a tin or a microwavable meal does not sound appealing to me even if it costs £2. I know it’s hard to think, should I spend my money on food? or the WKDs at the Student Union?

I also do not drink WKDs – Id prefer to not get Diabetes any time soon.

So what is my point and why is this called Feta: the cheese of the Gods? Well patience, I am getting there.

A friend of mine came to visit myself and my flatmate while we were at Uni and we got hungry, we had random ingredients in the fridge – Peppers, Red onion, Pork, Feta and the a Cypriot super ingredient LEMONS.

What to make, what to make – Pork with a mediocre salad? No! We banged it all into a casserole dish and cooked it for about 1.5hr with some pepper and salt.

OH MY GAWD, this has become my signature dish ever since, adding a few more ingredients which I can’t tell you, it’s a secret.

The combination of the meat being so soft it melts in your mouth with the crunchiness of the vegetables and feta! Oh dear it is what food porn is made of. Let me know in the comment section if you want to know how to make it. It is very simple – bang it all in.

Many people probably don’t think to cook or grill feta as it is seen as a cheese you add to salad but let me tell you now, the combination of the gooey cheese is just amazing. Another dish I love to add it to is mushrooms with some garlic, or even peppers with some soy sauce.

Another great way to use it is by making saganaki which is a Greek dish, where you put it in water and fry it in flour. You can find the recipe here

Suggestion: Always buy Greek feta, When it is called salad cheese I would suggest throwing it across the room because it is a disrespectful to your taste buds.
Thanks for reading!

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